Wheelchairs and walking sticks

In the not too distant future these will be the prized items and gifts in the shopping centres. And Singaporeans' life will be organised around these precious items. In shopping complexes, workplace and residential neighbourhoods, instead of bicycle parks, there will be parks for wheelchairs and little slots in the ground for walking sticks. As the generation of the seniors increases in numbers and found everywhere, their needs will have to be catered for. Food courts will come without chairs and the customers will bring their own chairs. Walking sticks will be like tobacco pipes, aesthetically carved and designed, some high tech, to keep the dogs and molestors away. Some will have built in detectors, music, GPS, lost and found message and all the particulars of the owner. And wheelchairs will replace cars up to a point. It will become a mode of transportation for short distances, with remote control from the home. One good thing, no need to worry about speed limits. And a new COE will be issued to those who can afford to live longer than 70. They will be means tested to see if they have sufficient funds to keep themselves alive without public assistance. If they can, they will simply expire.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Just because one is OLD doesn't give one an AUTOMATIC RIGHT to claim "assistance" from the public.

You have 70 fucking years to get your shit together. How come you wasted your life?

redbean said...

humans my friend. not gods. not matilah.

redbean said...

what makes you think that old people will claim public assistance?