What is happening?

The URA is urging the public to take media reports of rising office rentals with a pinch of salt. '...the public should take into consideration information on future supply of office space.' Now, does it mean that the media is not telling the public the full story? How can? How can? And the media is being accused of fanning the flames of high property prices. Now that cannot be. That will be irresponsible! The URA is worried about all the fanning and will give the public a 'more balanced perspective' by releasing more detailed data on office space vacancies and rentals. 'The media has played its role in increasing the profile of the property market, increasing the speed of the property sector,' said Mr Vasu Menon, chief editor of finatiQ.com. 'The public will worry about these media reports. People could get scared, thinking that they missed the boat,' said Menon. Wow, whacking of the media for not reporting accurately and misleading the public. What happens to all the professionalism?

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