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notable quotes from NKF Eunice Tay

'We cannot afford to let these people squander public money and rob the poor of their rightful subsidies.' NKF CEO Eunice Tay NKF is facing the problem of $1.8 million of unpaid fees by its 393 patients. One owes as much as $29k. Now this is serious and the New NKF is taking this very seriously. They have sought all ways to get the defaulters pay their debt and 'if they still refuse to pay, they will have to seek dialysis elsewhere.' Now this is the kind of tough business decision the NKF has to take. Owe money pay money. NKF is not a charity or is it, that can give free treatment and the patients refused to pay. They pay or go elsewhere for treatment. Tough decision for a tough problem. Shall this be a business decision or a human decision? Shall this be a political decision or a charitable decision? The patients do not go to NKF for a glass of wine or fine dining. It is a matter of life and death. Those who could pay will have to pay. Those who can't cannot go elsewhere as they still have to pay or they die. Period. No man shall be deprived of medical treatment because he cannot afford to pay. This must be in the manifesto of any political party.


Anonymous said...

No man shall be deprived of medical treatment because be cannot afford to pay.

Ah, maybe, like the university fees, they will ask the patient's children to borrow from the banks and pay back in instalments after the patient dies. In that way everything is suddenly affordable.

redbean said...

no lah. not so complicated one lah.

just make sure the bugger got insurance and a big deposit will solve everything. who ask these people to demand for world class standard?

i rather die than pay world class rate.

Anonymous said...

I dont think its world class treatment anyway....

redbean said...

treatment i am not sure. but the environment is. look at the beautiful marine tanks and marine fishes and the tv accompaniment.

these are first class facilities.