UNSW - The Angmo TuaKi Syndrome

The UNSW episode shows how vulnerable we are when we believe in the Angmo TuaKi Syndrome. Many would always want to believe that the Angmo will be benevolent and honourable gentlemen that we can look up to and adore. That they will not scuttle an agreement, pack up and run with not regards to the damaging consequences. That saving their own skin is all that matters. The govt should pursue the matter to the fullest and recover every cent that we spent on the project. Take them to court and sue them for every penny. We need to stand on our principles in negotiating a deal and stand by it. And the same principle must apply to our negotiation with those that are not Tauki but think that they are Tauki and would renegate on whatever that were agreed upon and signed. We shall not waver in negotiating a fair deal and will stick to it. We shall not succumb to tribal pressure and kampong mentality.


TuraiKiller said...

Asian especially Chinese’s have never learn a lesson through history. During Ding Dynasty, the opium war created by those devil Ang Mo they make poisoning drug & force useless China Chineses to buy until most of them even governor officers themselves are addicted, eventually force to give away Hong Kong, Marcao as well as paying them tonnes of money to those damn greed devil, they even robbed & burn down those ancient treasures. So when are we going to build our own pride, product & culture so as everybody would like to learn from us instead of vice versa.

Anonymous said...

That is why China needs to be strong and the West is making every effort to make sure that China never become a superpower. Every move that China makes arouse their suspicion and they sure make China look bad in every situation.

redbean said...

i have been trying to present a balanced view against the biased and concocted western reports against china in my forum under World Affairs. you will find many articles there. and i need more people to contribute their views on this.

it is really very sad that asians are being fed western views and poisoned without knowing why. and many wanted to be more angmo and feel ashame to be asians.

please visit my forum and add your views there.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Butoh lah redbean — EDB are clearly in the wrong.

Anyway, it take two hands to clap.

Anonymous said...

What ever the case, someone at EDB needs to take responsibility for this. Head's need to roll.

If EDB lost money, then EDB is screwed.

If UNSW lost money, EDB is also screwed.

EDB is the business proposer/host. Other players bowed out. UNSW was the only party willing to take the risk.

The vunerability, is that Singapore doesn't want to develop its own people. Re-capitalise Informatics!!

redbean said...

the first vice chancellor had agreed to all the terms and conditions and the funding. there was a contractual agreement.

then came the smart alec who said not good enough and wanted the terms changed to his favour. edb more or less agreed to increase funding with some new conditions.

smart alec agreed.

but then he turned around and behave like the indonesians. the intake was below expectation and he wanted out.

now he must pay for breaking the terms of agreement.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Eh kotek, you can't cheat an honest man lah.

Govt servants don't use their own money, so they have nothing to lose. Taxpayers lose. The parents of students who paid up in full lose.

Government department: still in business.

Educator from Australia: Still in his high paying job.

redbean said...

common mabok, it is very easy to cheat an honest man.