The uncaring and undeserving super talents

Where are our super talents found? In political offices, in ministries, stats boards and GLCs. These are the organisations where most of the super talents are employed. They are employed by Temasek, EDB, GIC, DBS, SIA, Keppel, PSA, Singapore Engineering, Sembawang Shipyard, etc etc and paid like super talents should be paid. What happens if there were no Temasek, EDB and the long list of GLCs? What happens if the first two generations of Singaporeans did not do what they did and none of these organisations were around to provide the jobs? From the political leaders, civil servants, the entrepreneurs, the engineers, the business community, the industrialists, the cheap labour in the factories, the construction workers who helped to build the infrastructure, if all these nuts and bolts, the cogs and the screws, did not play their parts, who would be able to provide jobs for our super talents to pay themselves super talent salaries and brandish themselves as the talents, the successful and able and clever Singaporeans? Today's Singapore is the proverbial giant tree planted by the early pioneers and give shade to all beneath it. Without this giant tree, I wonder how many organisations will be able to provide super talent jobs and pay super talent salaries to the Singapore brand of super talents? Now some of the super talents are rubbishing the little fellows and telling them that they deserve to be in the low station of life. That they are the failures and should not be complaining. Without all these low talents or no talents, without the arsehole, can there be a place for the super talents? Would these super talents be able to create and generate their own wealth as entrepreneurs and wealth creators? Or are they just good enough to be employees, resting comfortably under the shade of the giant tree planted by the pioneering generations? Shall we remember the arsehole and appreciate his contribution to the whole prosperity?


Anonymous said...

Without the arsehole and you cannot shit, you will die.

Turaikiller said...

"The real super talents should be able to create and generate their own wealth as entrepreneurs and wealth creators as well create jobs & opportunity for others".

The so called "super talented" that employed in public sectors or government link investment company holding Top Management post& getting huge pay are just lucky stars. They will get greediest when their perk getting higher & better, until they have forgotten their duty & conscience to contribute to this nation & helping those unlucky fellows. They became self-centre & arrogant as though they are supreme so should get what they though so lead to be materialistic & became money slaver.

To fulfil their greed desire, it will become a huge burden for 4millions people in SG to satisfy their ever never enough appetite. Look as present cost of living is getting unbearable & just wonder do they have eye to see themselves, I guessed they have forgotten the heartlanders who have sacrificed (biting the bullet to accept CPF cut, pay freeze, job loss & force to allow more foreigners policy, gst rise, transportation fare & medical increases, etc.) & corporation to make their investment company more successful as they claimed.

In return, they are demanding more pay raised, better retirement packages & benefits inorder to serve this small red dot. So should them regard as “talent” or %&#@, I am sorry b’cos I ready don’t know how to describe them.

redbean said...

the burden of the population is a few more plates of meesiam. that should be quite bearable even if the meesiam now costs a few cents more.

we are falling into the same trap as mahathir where in his mission to better the life of bumiputras he gave them jobs and a lot of money. his plan was that when they become rich, they will be generous and let their richness filter down to benefit their poorer cousins.

unfortunately human greed knows no bound and all the new rich only think of getting richer as they do not know that they are rich when they compare themselves to robert kuok and lim goh tong.

thus they keep on enriching themselves while the poor gets poorer. and yes, they really believe that they are the real talents and deserve out of this world compensation.

Anonymous said...

As the polar ice slowly melts and weather pattern changes there will be more catastrophic floods all over the world. The end is near and whether you are super-rich or poor, you will end up the same. Whether you live in a luxurious villa or a HDB flat, you will end up the same. Whether you are an emperor or a beggar, you will end up the same. Let us not fret.

Moshe Rabinovich said...

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