Tell your story

LKY wrote to the ST forum encouraging the first generation leaders and pioneers to write their stories as they are, as truthfully as possible for the future generations. He has openly admitted his respect for Chin Peng, a worthy political opponent. What is important is to tell truthfully without distortion, and to respect each other for who they were. A man worthy of respect is a man who believes in his ideas even if that was not favoured by history, and his principles. Once a person stoops to play dirty and disregard basic human decency and behaviour, he is not worthy of any respect. Basically it is still between good decent men and indecent men and not about talents or clever men who are crooks.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck, I'm telling the story of how Singapore will eventually COLLAPSE!

Happy National Day!

What would be spectacular?

An RSAF pilot flying his jet into the VIP stand — not that would be spectacular!


Anonymous said...

That would be really matilah!

redbean said...

why must you be such a spoilt sport?

join the party and enjoy the golden years.

the celebration is extended to end of sept. we can have samba on the streets everyday and boost every night.

Anonymous said...

I really am not sure what that means... could it mean that alot of people were just not sure whether to write or not to write, whether can write or cannot write or waiting for an official confirmation to go ahead to write?

This is a peculiar place which has just changed.