Sunday morning is to think about impossibilities

What would be best for Malaysia in the future? Or what could become of Malaysia? The thinkings or aspirations are quite diverse. The country at the moment is dominated by the views and interests of a minority of religious fundamentalists. And if they are to have a free hand to do what they like, Malaysia is likely to become another Iran or Iraq or at best a Saudi Arabia. Anything else will be full of contradictions and tension. How would this affect the rest of the population, those who would want a more secular and modern Malaysia, travelling in the comfort of the best limousines as opposed to those who would prefer to ride on a heavily carpetted camel back? The modernistic group would include the progressive bumis as well as many who have been accustomed to the good life of western technical and scientific societies. And the other racial minorities are not that small a group that can simply disappeared. Then there are the East Malaysian states living in the backwaters of Malaysian economic and political strifes. They have very little affinity to be Malaysians even to these days. They are different and would want to run their own lives and create their own future. Or maybe my reading is wrong and they too would want an Islamic state and live under Islamic principles and fundamentals. They have not made any noises with regards to the comments that Malaysia is an Islamic state. Or they have and not reported. There are thus three distinct groups with totally irreconcilable interests and outlooks for the future of Malaysia and there is no accommodation if or middle path. It is only a matter of time for these groups to gravitate further and further apart from each other and each will have their distinct characteristics and values. Provided no force is used to coerce any of the group to become like another group. What we may see is a federation of the north eastern states of Kedah, Kelantan Trengganu and Pahang plus the four southern states of Thailand, Narathiwat, Pattani, Suratthani and Songkla, breaking away to form their own Islamic state. And the East Malaysian states will break away to become a new independent country. The rest of the western and southern Malaysian states may choose to become more secular and moderate from the religious point of view and developed along the lines of western countries. Then some will use the slogan that Allah has moved northeast and the religious will move in that direction. If there is an agreement that the three new entities should leave each other to chart their own destinies and do not meddle in each other's internal affair, we could see the emergence of three new countries that are more coherent and with their people having more similar dreams and more likely to sleep more at peace. Just a Sunday morning indulgence in fantasy.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Straight thinking and rational Malaysians fight a constant battle with collectivist control freaks UMNO who jockeys for power with other religious-based collectives like PAS.

Islamic teachings (as in all Abrahamic faiths) are fundamentally ANTI market, ANTI capitalist — because market and capitalism are associated with "evil", "greed", "immorality" etc.

Whilst evil, greed, immorality, envy and such-like are FUN and definitely bring joy, energy and entertainment to markets and capitalism, they do not form the basis for markets and capitalism.

The main reason for markets and capitalism is firstly for survival, and then the improvement of our species.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is becoming increasingly dominated by religious fundamentalists, that is obvious. And that is not a good sign. Just look at Southern Thailand. Once they start to undermine the Government it is very hard to control the country.

I don't think the East Malaysians want to have an Islamic State, after all the majority race there are not Malays or Muslims, and any comments were probably not reported.

redbean said...

the southern thai states are as good as gone from thailand. there are no commonality. they don't even look like the average thai except for the language.

and they have different dreams, different faith.

a realignment of borders may be good and let these state go on their own or adopt the chinese formula of one country two systems.

redbean said...

the goals, visions and objectives of the fundamentalists are incompatible with the secular or modernists. one seeks to progress along the secular path of material comfort and well being. the other seeks a simple lifestyle and spiritual well being.

the modernists will let the fundamentalists live their own lives. the problem is that the fundamentalists will not let the modernists live their own lives. they want to dictate to the modernists how to live their lives, the way the fundamentalists live theirs.

conflict is thus inevitable. for the modernists do not judge on right or wrong but the fundamentalists believe strongly that theirs is the way god wants them to live and that god also wants others to live like them. and there cannot be another way for the sinners or people living ungodly ways of life.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The so-called "fundamentalists" are none other than full of shit barbarians.

Many of them are fucking their daughters, nieces and grand daughters, and then on the other hand pretending to uphold morality and labeling those who are unashamed of having fun as "infidels".

redbean said...

heard from someone that in kelantan, they refused electricity as it is a creation of the devil.

anyone been there to confirm this is the way of life there?