The strong Sing dollar

We have one of the strongest currency in the world. Great. Imagine what I can do with $200k in India. The thought of the possibilities is so pleasant. Find a little village and live like small Maharajah. Thanks to our strong dollar. Now the bad news. It is not even enough for my retirement here. Not enough even to buy a 4 room flat in town. May not be enough to go for a major operation in our world class hospitals. Barely enough to buy a good entry level continental car. That is the value of our strong dollar at home. Can any Singaporean with $200k afford to retire here? What about all those who have less than $30k when they retire? It is the good life,so bless to live in the golden years of this island paradise. I rather spend my money in the not so golden era of India and enjoy my twilight years bathing under the golden ray of my $200k. The rich poor Singaporeans. That is really stretching the dollar. Blessed are the Singaporeans.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The way things are going, it won't be strong for very long.

Actually it is the Oz dollar that has been the "star" currency lately.

The thing about PAPER fiat currencies as opposed to HARD MONEY (what we used to have up to 1973), is that the global financial system—based on paper—is bound to collapse sooner or later. We have had nearly 35 years of PAPER based, floating currencies (as opposed to MONEY)...and the end is near.

Hooray! Let there be blood in the streets! I caould use some entertainment!

Anonymous said...

capital outflows are not good and you shud enjoy/ regret your twilight years with your cpf money here instd.

redbean said...

but by living in india, i could stretch my dollar at least 5 times. hey, that's equivalent to $1 mil for a $200k cap.

compare this to my $200k being dwindled to $100k or less?

got to be pragmatic. and just say it is good for singapore. at least the island will be free of all the senile old men and women. everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

now they are duplicating singapore in a russian city, that has stirred alot of interests among singapore businessmen, maybe somebody cud create a lookalike of The Sail and all at a fraction of the price so we cud spend our twilight years there like dukes in a lookalike environment..

redbean said...

anywhere that can stretch our dollar will be ok. but not where security and safety is a problem.

Anonymous said...

your best solution has to be durex