Sonthi's game of deception

The Bangkok Post had an article pointing to the misleading information and statements made by Sonthi and questioned if this man can be trusted. It reported that just one week prior to the coup he publicly denied that he was going to attempt a coup. And he did. And now he admitted that his charges against Singapore for spying was such for public consumption and was not true. The question now is how long can he get away from deceiving the Thai public? He is now in power and no one can touch him. When his grip on power slips away, how would the new man in power deal with him? Or how would the Thai people deal with him? Would they begin to have doubts about the NSC's charges against Thaksin given such a record? His downfall and disgrace are quite certain unless the Thais are willing to forgive him.


Matilah_Singapura said...

People make too much of a big deal with "corruption" in public office.

Every government in the world and in history is corrupt—it only varies in degree.

Can the S'pore govt be corrupt? You judge for yourself :)

Anonymous said...

I got a strong feeling that his problems will come after he steps down and it will be in big multitudes. Since these glory days are so obviously numbered, therefpre evry mouthful of food and wine shud be thoroughly enjoyed and rembered while it lasts. That's life on the fast lane!