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Retirement village in oil palm plantation

I was discussing with some investors on the viability of setting up retirement villages in Johore, inside oil palm plantations. The return would surely be much better than what oil palm can give, and faster. With low land and labour cost, it is an attractive proposition. The only hitch is security. How to keep the place safe and really safe that safety and security would never even be an issue, that safety and security can be taken as a given? For retirement villages, the residents may be rich, but old and feeble. They are very vulnerable and safety and security will be the number one concern. This is a comparative advantage that has yet to be exploited for financial gains.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Better watch this video with your investors :-)

Created by a Johor native...

Negara Kuku

Anonymous said...

Wa lau, this type of vid expression won't stir some dust and trigger racial tension meh? :[

Anonymous said...

Ku ku bird. :P