Ranking a World Class govt

While we cherish and got delighted and gratified by all the number One rankings showered upon us, it is about time we do something for ourselves. Other countries have their private agenda for ranking countries to achieve their covert objectives. The one that comes out very clearly is the ranking of world class universities. By insisting in the goodness of having foreigners, academic staff and students, as good, highly desirable and a pre requisite to quality education and a high ranking, countries that feel insecure and needed a high ranking to boost up their egos will easily succumb to such seductions and import more foreigner academic staff and paid them handsomely to make their rankings look good. So, with a simple survey ranking, many academics were in hot demand all over the world. And the unwritten truth is that good academics are western academics. So the world has helped to get more western academics employed and with healthy bank accounts. It is practically a one way traffic as not many Asians or Africans will be good enough to be employed in western universities. Some may call this neo colonialism of the educated minds. A ranking of govts as world class, not first class, can also adopt some of the criteria used for world class universities. Needless to say, the foreign component is important. So govt will be encouraged to recruit foreigners into their ranks to boost the fertile mindsets of their contemporaries. Having cross fertilisation of ideas will definitely stimulate more innovative and novel thinking in govt. It is definitely better than incestuous thoughts. The other advantage is that with world govt feeling the need to employ foreigners into their ranks to be ranked among the tops, there will be more exchanges of people and ideas and this will bring the world closer as one big family. The seed of a world govt and international citizenship may be born through such a survey. Singapore will have a great advantage in having its fine politicians being recruited not only to third world countries but also first world countries. We will then be able to export our world class expertise in govt to the world. And we will benefit by having some of the best political brains in our govt. No politicians can resist the temptation of being paid world best salaries to be a political leader here. And it will not be a surprise to have Bush, Blair, Chirac, Putin, Abe all queuing with their CVs in hand at our doorstep. We will have truly world best politicians governing us.

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