The power of feedback

Not the official kind where someone designated a box called 'Feedback' and expect people to throw their little slips of paper in and they vet whichever they wish to reply. That is the cheap kind of feedback, the sanitised version of feedback. The real and more powerful feedback comes from the spontaneous response of the people. The outcry that is heard. We have seen many, mostly through cyberspace recently. And we have seen the results without having to claim that it is effective. But there is a more powerful feedback that is in action. The silent feedback. This is a feedback where all those who knows, who matters, just keep quite and smile as if nothing happens. And the less they talk about an issue, knowing that the issue is so obviously foul, the more powerful it is. It is a kind of non communicated cynicism and waiting to blow up. And you can feel it, just like the force. It is not seen, not heard, but it is there.

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