Political Party Manifesto

We are seeing new parties being formed. And every party has its new aspirations and aspirants to serve the people and country in their chosen way. Everyone will swear that whatever they are doing, it is always for the good of the people and country. But often the people do not believe. The people are seeing political parties existing for their own sake, for the politician's self interest. Am I right to make this generalisation? Definitely not all will agree to my observations. Some will die worshipping their chosen party and only see goodness in them. This can be see from their unstinging support for their parties in the msm and in cyberspace. Some even make it their personal quests to defend those positions and parties. What would be the expectations of the people of the politicians and political parties? The party must be for the people first and nation second, party third and politicians last. The nation is there for the people and not people for the nation. And definitely not people for a political party. Politics must be for the good of the people. A nation or country is just a non living entity, a concept that has no life. What is the point of a Singapore that is all dressed up to the finest, but the people struggling to keep up with the high cost of living? The wealth created by the nation, the taxes collected, revenue generated, must go to the people, their stomach, their health and their brainware. No need to build disneylands. Those are fantasies. But good if we can afford it without compromising on the well being of the people. The cumulation of wealth cannot be the end all of the govt. The wealth must be ploughed back to the people, for the people to live a better quality of life at an affordable cost. There must be a compromise between money for beautiful and wonderful infrastructure and money for living. Is the working of people to their death beds a people's choice, the way to live life? Is the savings for retirement just to eat 3 miserable meals and constantly fearing that a major sickness will turn one into poverty as compare to savings to see the world during the sunset years? Retirement has taken on a new meaning. There is so much fear of affordability of healthcare. So is saving that is never going to be enough. Golden years too have taken on a new meaning. More specifically, no more golden years. For all the savings will never be enough except for the few very rich.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore is going thru a phase of massive privatisation.

Let the good times roll, and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities emerging from the market.

Forget the political parties. If you are going to have a party have lots of booze, loud music, fun people who'll take their clothes off for the slightest reason. Then you have a REAL party—without the politics.

POLY = man

TICKS = blood suckers

POLYTICKS = many blood suckers

RoddyMac said...

For fuck sake, get your facts right. Only ONE new political has been formed in the last 15 years.

redbean said...

hi roddymac,

thanks for the explosive entry, and welcome.

the time frame is not an issue. there will be new parties being formed along the way.

the concern is what are they forming political parties for? or is this the start for people to form political parties aiming at the pot of gold? or are they forming parties for a noble cause?

or are we having a situation where the people just remain apathetic, or give up hope on all the parties while the parties make all the claims except the obvious?

it is a party, like matilah said, where everyone is in for the fun and fund. since the last election, how many parties stood up to say something for the people? unless they are assuming that the people are all having a party, all merrymaking and having a ball.

Anonymous said...

Rich nation but poor people.