Political Party Manifesto 2

What should be the priorities of political parties? The current ruling party's main priority is economic development and growing the pie. There are progress in many areas. Many people are getting very rich. But many people may not feel that way. Many are expected to continue to work and work and never ever think of retirement. There should be a relook at the priorities of govt. The people and their lives, their well beings must be the first priorities. Not the obsession with accumulation of money. The top 20 percent are quite happy with what they are. But the 80%, the sloggers, horses and the cows, whose lives have become one of non stop working and with no security in old age. Everyone will get poorer by the day. Forget about the money in the CPF. Those money will never be enough. Forget about falling sick and getting hospitalised. That will be the end of whatever savings one have. What happened to the long term planning of the people's life? The planning from cradle to grave does not seem to be right. Compare to the older days, just 20 or 30 years ago, many did retired and managed to survive quite well. Why is it that people are now expecting to have more than $120k in their savings and still not enough? Still living in fear? Would any political party be able to come out with another super plan from cradle to grave that is not so precarious? What has gone wrong? Why is it that the people must be made to put aside more and more money and still not enough?


Matilah_Singapura said...

> What happened to the long term planning of the people's life?

What? You mean it's the govt job to PLAN for the people's lives?

Are you crazy? Why stop there? Why doesn't the govt wipe your arse for you too every time you shit?

redbean said...

you mean you don't know? have you been away for too long?

yes they will wipe your arse if you allow them, at a fee, of course. nothing is for free. and plus gst.

Anonymous said...

$5 with kleenex and 50cts using yesterday's newspaper

Anonymous said...

$5 for china girl wiping yours,

free if done by gay-lo.