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Playing fiddle to the ox

The Chinese has this ancient phrase from the sages, playing a fiddle to an ox. What it means is simply that the ox cannot understand or appreciate the finese of music. LKY was interviewed by Berita Harian on the IDR issue. And again he took pains to explain how Singapore support the IDR on a win win basis. How could he expect the tribal chiefs to understand and appreciate such a win win approach when both parties would benefit from the cooperation? The moment they hear the word 'win' for Singapore they will go hysterical, deranged. How can Singapore win from this? Singapore is going to win more from this. Malaysia will win less, will be taken advantaged of. We cannot let Singapore win. It is a wrong approach, a wrong strategy to use the win win approach. They will not want to hear such an explanation. If Singapore is to be accepted in any deals or agreements, it is of utmost importance for Singapore to explain that it is a win lose agreement. Malaysia will win and Singapore will lose. Then go ahead and tell them how much Singapore will lose and how much Malaysia will gain. Only then will they be comfortable with the deal. And the onus is on Singapore to list out all the disadvantages and losses that it will have to face up with. They would not be able to think or see it for themselves. Let's negotiate and work on a win lose basis.


Anonymous said...

Agree it is smarter to list down our losses instead of the possible wins, especially in this Johor thing which is a truly Malaysian thing. The losses are mostly to the gahmen people of Spore, certainly not to the citizen-workers who will surely gain as much as the Malaysia, if not more.

Anonymous said...

The whole point is they are afraid of competition because they have forgotten how to compete after 37 years of NEP. So anything to do with outsiders competing with them means they will be cheated or eaten up or marginalised.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Every deal is made or not made in the self interest of individual parties.

There is actually no such thing as a "win-lose" deal.

redbean said...

it is a matter of perception. to some of the malaysians, it is always singapore wins and they lose not matter what. if only that they can see a win win, there will be no angst.