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The pincer squeeze

Singaporeans are just like a nut in between two pincers, the rising cost of living that makes us less competitive and Sing $ that gets to buy lesser things at home. People who think that their salaries are going up, if not in big percentages are actually getting a pay cut. How far can this go on before we wake up and say shit, what is happening? The next round of retrenchment when companies start to move out of Singapore, when jobs are gone, will be very serious when there is no income and prices of everything at sky high.


Anonymous said...

That is the purpose of the IR, where currently we only have 4D, TOTO, BIGSWEEP and the regular RACE DAY.

When the money slowly but surely becoming banana notes because of rising cost, and more out of jobs, more will take more chances, that is how BANANALAND is going to be milked, be ready for the roller coaster.... SIGH

Anonymous said...

Sigh...soon we will be shouting "Singapura Boleh" too. Don't worry

redbean said...

good slogan. singapore boleh.

and try to get into the guinness book of record with the longest balloon blowing queue, the longest popiah queue, the longest food coupon queue....