Perpetuating a tragedy

How to condemn your children to a life of misery and poverty? This seems like a textbook case here and around the world. For the illiterate, poorly educated, often jobless, the only thing they care to do is to produce as many children as possible with no thought of how to feed them and provide for them. Just read in the papers this morning of two often jobless parents with 12 children. Whose fault is this if the children continue a life of poverty, even becoming drug addicts or delinquents, becoming misfits of society? Is this the responsibility of the govt and the general public to take care of them? The people can expect the govt to help those in trouble. But should the govt help those who voluntarily bring trouble upon themselves? If the govt takes on such a responsibility, it will only encourage the irresponsible to continue with their stupidity and recklessness. The parents deserved to be caned for condemning their children to a life in the gutters. All the horror stories and tragedies are being set up for the future.


Anonymous said...

Can the parents by all means. But should the govt and nation perpetuate the tragedy for those poor, worthless children by letting them grow up in poverty? Should let them perpetuate so that we can have more "heartlanders" to vote for the richer party.


Matilah_Singapura said...

to anon 1149:

That is the problem—the entitlement mentality: that it is the govts "duty" to make sure people don't "grow up poor".

These kids are going to grow up poor because their parents are incapable of producing wealth. People in this position, as cruel as it may sound, must not be allowed to produce children—unless they are willing to GIVE UP their children to those who can offer the kids a better life.

The ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY is going to result in Matilah Singapura— because people keep demanding the govt, and the govt to meet those demands becomes more and more powerful, until all private wealth is no more and all personal freedom is GONE.

Well anyway, the people get the govt they deserve, so if the majority want their arses wiped and their personhood looked after from cradle-to-grave in a welfare state so be it.

I will be cheering when the whole thing collapses!

This August 9, National Day, remember:


Anonymous said...

Say, what do you gain when Singapoo mati then? =]

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...
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Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Such trend was common some 30 years ago as many aren't well educated. They live through each passing day without a thought for tomorrow.

Most of these families with many children remain lowly educated with the same mindset.

Its a social problem that should reduced when a proper education system are set in place and when economy gets better.

Matilah_Singapura said...

to anon 709:

1. Entertainment

2. Selfish personal satisfaction and ego-massaging to know that I am RIGHT in my predictions ;-)

3. Chance to buy buy cheap property, stocks, watches etc. Lot's of people will be desperate for MONEY.

Anonymous said...

i am not sure if everyone is doing this, but there must be a trend and a reason why?

redbean said...

we have a proper education system for more than 30 years. it does not help at all.

the people who are providing guidance or the leadership to these people are not doing their job. you need to whack them real hard before they ruin more lives and create more miseries and tragedies.

in the 50s and 60s many were ignorant, wrong values and did not know much about birth control. today ignorance is no longer a valid excuse. once they give birth to the first child the hospital and nurses will be there to offer guidance on birth control.

it is simple irresponsibility and recklessness. the children will suffer. period. more drug addicts and misfits in the society.