The New Undeclared War

The war that is starting in England is a new kind of war. It is undeclared war, fought in undefined territory by undefined enemy using undefined methodology and weapons. It is sporadic and erratic. And this war makes the soldiers obsolete. It is a war being fought by the police against an enemy hidden among its people. It is a war where the targets are the people and not the soldiers. It is a war when the police find themselves fighting and not patrolling the streets to guard against petty crimes. The world should brace up to this new warfare, the newborn child of the Iraqi war.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Nonsense lah. This war started years ago. You asleep or what??

redbean said...

the attack in british soil and american soil is a new phenomenon. before they think home is comfort, untouchable. today, every home in the us and uk can be a target.

hopefully this will make them think twice before embarking on new war adventures.