Myth 151 - No beggar in Singapore

No beggar in Singapore Technically there is no beggar in Singapore except for a few baskers and a few rich beggars that make begging their profession. And we also do not believe in free lunch and no charity from the state. We are not a welfare state. The reality is that we only beg big time, and in style. Everyday there is news of some kind of begging in the media, or on TV, telling people how good it is to give and how stylish and noble it is to beg. And the proxies to all the beggars are the celebrities and the leaders, all dressed in their Sunday best and asking for donations. This is first world style of begging. We don't encourage begging. But if you must, do it in style in a big way. Why waste your effort begging for a dollar or two when you can beg for millions?


Anonymous said...

But when I was in Singapore, on many occasions, I saw beggars at MRT, foodcourts and many other places. Also, the tissue sellers at foodcourts, are they not some sort of beggers??

redbean said...

as i said, they are the professional beggars. very rich ones to give singaporeans a chance to feel compassion and to give : )

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Tissue sellers are getting creative.
* One who loves singing "Auntie, Uncle Buy Tissue, buy tissue..." get very good response.
* One who always bring her daughter along and looks very pitiful.
* One always come at same time same place and greet "Good morning" to everyone.

Beggars are also quite creative nowadays.
* One lie flat, heads down at a middle of a crowded path.
* Some act as monks and ask for alms.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a first world country and you cannot call a beggar a beggar.So we now have professional beggars. It's all part of the job rebranding exercise.

redbean said...

just realise that my retirement plan to be a petrol pump attendant is a mistake.

you guess it, i am going to be a professional beggar.

Anonymous said...

Hey anony, dun you know the beggars over here hails mainly from malaysia and thailand? This is their way of making big bucks away from home.

Anonymous said...

I am being honest to say that no thks to the recent lop-sided liberalisation policies, it will just be a matter of time that we will have our very own home grown beggars and their clan.