Myth 149 - The Incorruptible Asian Minds

Asians are more superior to the Westerners. They are incorruptible to power and wealth. And these are the basis from which all dynasties and Asian empires were based on. So when they came to power, they will concentrate all the powers in their own hands, in the families or among the cronies. Another interpretation of this is that they believe that they have the mandate of heaven and they are given the right to kick the asses of all the lowly masses anyway they want. Compare this to the West, the Western philosophers believe that men are corruptible. The more powerful they become, the more corruptible they will be. And the American founding fathers refused to take any chances on the incorruptibility of man and enshrined into their Constitutions the separation of power. They don't even trust their elected presidents. And rightly so. Anyone who thinks that it is acceptable to place all the powers to an individual or office will be the first to be hanged. And no American will be able to invoke any nonsensical theories to dismiss anyone challenging the concentration of power in any office. And what is happening today in America is the best vindication of the wisdom of their founding fathers. Without the separation of powers, Bush and his gangsters will be killing all the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, plunging the world into another world war, and will get away with it, unstoppable.


redbean said...

what, everyone agrees with this myth?

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush was and is still kicking asses all over the world despite the American founding fathers wisdom. When Congress was still under the Republicans, Bush was able to do anything just by changing the laws.

All human beings are corruptible, however you try to prevent it. The only way is to make corruption legitimate by changing laws, and it then becomes legitimate corruption.

Anonymous said...

We are kicking some asses here by not pandering to your twists and turns and obscene discussion.. Explains the silence eh?

redbean said...

the important thing is to put an issue up for discussion. put it either for or against to provoke the thoughts.

are we legitimising corruption? are we legitimising abuse of power? are we abusing the use of threats?

such questions must be asked over and over again. it keeps reminding people not to go over board and also to know that people are watching. it is like going to the doctor for the regular checkup so that the doctor can measure your pulse and blood pressure.

not doing this regular may invite a stroke or a heart attack at the most unlikely moment.

Anonymous said...

Get yr bapo blogger cleaning up his act right!
Then no need for ass kicking. No heart attack or high blood pressure!
Unless U guys are in a league! Incorrupitble? What piece of shitty work!