Myth 147 - The good news myth

The landlord goes to his tenants with the good news. The economy is doing very well. Property prices are going up. But he is going to increase the rental by $500 a month. And another good news, he is giving the tenants 3 month's of rebates. So for three months in a year he would waive the $500. And a sweetener. Every month he is going to provide one packet of 3 in 1 coffee free for his tenants.


Anonymous said...

Same as what Low Thia Khiang said. They give you a drumstick, but took back a whole chicken.

redbean said...

like that also can. low thia khiang really said this? pian say kia.

Anonymous said...

It is truly good news for those who have taken risks be it real estate of business; here's where they get to taste the fruits of their labor.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention about the free CONDOM!!

Anonymous said...

Ya i agree, it works all the time..

increase the tax to 5% but give you 12 mths rebate and $250 bonus.

12 mths later, life gets adjusted like nothing has happened....

Using the same lucrative money spinning method, scale up say increase tax to 10% but give 36 mths rebate and $1,500 bonus??

Wah can go on and on .. sky is the limit man!

But economy so good why you need to take from us so much huh?????
Oh for our own good again, I see.