MSM says, Lucky Singaporeans

Singaporeans are splurging in Lamborghini, expensive cosmetics and paying mindless prices for seasonal food, $888 for a few pieces of mooncakes. And a billionaire can live in a whole condo, $100 million worth of it, for just 3 persons and all his expensive car collection. And better still, prices or inflation is stable, hardly any change. And all the complaints about Singapore rental going too high is nonsense. The foreigners now agree that Singapore rental is reasonable and 10 years behind Hongkong. In a way this is bad. How can we be lagging behind Hongkong by 10 years? Plenty of room to catch up. So, with good times here, what nonsense are Singaporeans complaining about a plate of noodle or rice going up by 50c or transport fare going up by another 3c or 5c? The proof, Singaporeans can now celebrate National Days for two months. I think we will not beat the Latin Americans in merry making. Singaporeans are crazy. All having big fat pay and worrying about a few cents increases here and there and making a mountain out of a mole hill.


Anonymous said...

When people say we are too costly in certain things the MSM will make comparisons with London, New York, Tokyo, Paris etc. When people say our standards are low in certain things the MSM will make comparisons with Jakarta, Manila, Hanoi etc. Either way, we always look good. Nothing to worry about. We are number one compared to the top and also number one compared to the bottom. How conforting!

redbean said...

i also feel very comforting this morning. i think i better run down to look at the sports car that i have been adoring, before it is gone.

Anonymous said...

u better wait long long redbean.
wait the longer the better. wait till u get yr cpf retirement fees.. ;P

Matilah_Singapura said...

Redbean, do you have something against people having a good time? When the economy was down, you
moan and groan. When the market is up, you moan and groan.

So how? What will make you happy?

Don't be such a sour puss lah.

Enjoy the "good" times. It's all built on falsehood anyway — credit and monetary expansion. In other words, money is losing its purchasing power therefore it makes "good sense" to get rid of it while it still has some VALUE and buy things like Lamborghinis and $888 mooncakes.

If you save the money, very soon it will be worthLESS! ;-)

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

This is the golden era for Singapore. While we have good job, better save and invest properly.

No one knows Singapore 10 yrs down the road. No one knows the fate of the red dot when MSM is not around. Keep our eyes open.

Anon.Dimwit said...

Keep our fingers crossed.
Keep our heart soft (so we'll last! ;>)
Keep our heads thinking, planning.
Keep our hands productive.
Keep our feet ready to endeavour n venture beyond.

Keep reading Redbean's blog here - so we'll hv something to do while keeping watch! :)

redbean said...

i dunno what i have said for matilah to think that i am groaning. i thot i was just pep up by the msm and want to go out there and just spend.

no point stinging and saving all the pennies and not having a good time. just spend and enjoy while we can.

and with the rate prices are going up soon cannot buy anything with my little saving.