Media's distorted truth

Fred Hilmer, the Vice Chancellor of the fallen UNSW(Singapore) has sung a different tune in 'The Australian.' And the fault, according to him, is EDB. He has his plans to continue with the Singapore campus, expecting EDB to foot his bill. And it was EDB's fault for the failure by not giving in to his terms. The right to make such statements in a press and be read, and if the other party is not given the same airing to tell the other side of the story, the one who is given space to print, will come out right. This is the distorted truth of main stream media. They take sides and present the side they wish to present. That is as professional or unprofessional as far as main stream media can be. EDB has now come out with a strongly worded reply in our local papers to explain its position. I wonder whether EDB's reply will be published in The Australian. Otherwise it is a purely waste of time as the target audience who read The Australian will still believe what Hilmer said without preview to the EDB side of the story. Or it is just for Singaporean consumption. Whoever controls the media controls the view of its readers.


Anonymous said...

That is why they have to control the media tightly. It's a country's propaganda machine. Even in the USA the major newspapers are biased in favour of the Government, reporting favourable news and suppressing unfavourable stuff. I guess this happens everywhere, communist or democratic regimes.

redbean said...

what i cannot tahan is for media professionals to thrash bloggers as posting thrash and their articles are professionally written, objective and all facts and logics.

what a bull!

Matilah_Singapura said...

If it is government, it will fail.

Private sector failure = individuals lose money. Heads roll, people who are accountable pay a personal price

Government sector failure = no one in power loses money. No one in power ever loses their jobs. Some even get "promoted" after a debacle.