The Malaysian Paradox

Malaysia is probably the only country in the world where the govt openly admits that the bumiputras are of lesser talent than the other minorities. And after 40 years of NEP, affirmative actions and handouts, they have proven that this theory is true. They are still behind the other minority races. And giving up special privileges will mean that they will fall further behind again. Either way, like Mahathir said, they will fall behind. But Malaysia has high ambition to be a developed country. How then can Malaysia ever make it when the people are so untalented? To achieve a developed country status, the people must be as talented as the people in developed countries. But in Malaysia, the bumiputras are even behind the Chinese and Indians, who are far from being first world countries. And if they cannot even keep up with them, how to ever dream of being like the Europeans or the Japanese? Or perhaps Malaysia can become a first world country without having to work for it, just depend on NEP? This is the greatest Malaysian Paradox. The bumiputras believe themselves that they will never make it, that they are by nature slow. Why don’t the bumiputras stand up and prove that they are not really a backward people? That they can compete with other people on the same level playing field, domestically and internationally. Or they still need more weaning time? If it is true that they are backward, then their dream of being a first world country will forever be a dream. Now, is their assumption of being backward true or real?


Anonymous said...

But Mahathir still thinks that Muslims in Malaysia are still doing well compared to other Muslims elsewhere because of the NEP. Of course having first priority over everyone else makes the Muslims appear good compared to other Muslims in other countries, but pit them against Muslims in Indonesia or Thailand and I think they will come up short. That's the reality.

redbean said...

just look at those chubby and rosy cheek children. all very well fed by their rich parents. and compare their general health and fitness to the dark and weather beaten peers from the heartland.

who are likely to face health problems and lower resistance to diseases.

this is the peking duck syndrome. force feeding.