Malaysia is an Islamic State

It is official and no need to beat around the bush. Najib has said it. Malaysia is an Islamic state and is governed under Islamic Laws and principles, but protects minority rights. He said Malaysia has never been a secular state. Only silly non Muslim Malaysians think that Malaysia was a secular state. Prepare to have their hands chop off when they steal. Prepare to close all the nightspots and entertainments. Lights out at 10pm. If the non Muslims still do not speak out and make a stand, it will be like 1955. The position of Malaysia becoming an Islamic state will become defacto and then dejure. The next demand will be sunat to be clean.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, it is that... and more.

INCEST apparently is part of the CULTURE.

Which explains the low IQ amongst certain ethnic groups.

Anonymous said...

You are talking out of your arse as usual Matilah.

Anonymous said...

Talking? I bet that bapo can't even use his mouth or arse to do what he always claims he does in his land of smiles!

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redbean said...

Ok guys,

Bapo has crossed the limit here, I agree. My apologies for such strong slurs.

OK bapo, please restrain yourself and tone down on your adjectives. I think we all owe it to everyone here not to use such strong and offensive language. We want everyone to feel that it is a blog for discussion and not to flame sentiments.

If I did some of the errors, my apologies.

Bapo, please apologise as there are many innocent and neutral bloggers here.


bureau chief said...

I'm amazed there are still ill-informed bigots like redbean and matilah around. chopped hands and circumcision compulsory in Islam? incest ok in malay culture? you depraved poor things must be deprived of good, intelligent Malay/Muslim friends... . why am i wasting my time perusing the nonsense u put up under the guise of citizen journalism? i feel i need to clear such dangerous slurs and misconceptions... be careful people.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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redbean said...

there are two issues to najib declaring that malaysia is an islamic state. the first is the 1955 agreement. if it was agreed that malaya will be an islamic state, then the other races and the british would not have agreed to it. so that is a breach of this social contract.

the next is that it is better to have a separation of state and religion. once malaysia declares that it is islamic and will govern the country under islamic principles, many things can happen. even now, the north eastern states are trying to impose islamic values and principles on the non muslims there. if this islamic state becomes official, then malaysia can go the middle eastern way.

is that progress? maybe. but malaysia will slowly work itself out of the western technology and scientific world and commerce. and of course the non muslims in malaysia will be under more pressure to be more islamic. it will create more stress in the system.

you do not want an afghanistan or an iran in malaysia would you? maybe that is what some of you would want.

Anonymous said...

Where is that incestous bapo of freak parents?!!

Red beanie, before we go any further OR STOP reading yr blog, get this CLEAR:
It's NOT Malaysia or whatever religion - it's YOUR LACK or INABILITY to control your blog from f$$king freaks!!

Unless you are in the same league!! Never be a bapo! Use your brains & balls - you hv them!!

blooms bureau said...

It is perhaps alien to u that Islam the religion is not about chopped hands, killing innocents, circumcision, censorship, stifling of ideas, rights and freedom. In fact, it is the opposite. u obviously have not heard of the terms ijtihad, salam, or the call to read (seek knowledge)in the first line of the Quran. Your understanding of Islam is unfortunately founded in what u gleaned from the western/popular media. To be fair, Muslim scientists discovered many of what forms the basis of today's modern-day technology and knowledge in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, engineering, medicine, philosohy, and history for eg. This burgeoning of ideas was what was known as the golden age of Islam. So what does that say about Islam? The chaos or 'oppression' in modern-day Iran, Iraq or the Arab world have more to do with leadership probs and the sheikhs than Islam and Islamic principles per se. You really need to engage more enlightened Muslim/Malay friends to understand the true nature of Islam and Islamic principles. And also pay a visit to some of these 'rigid' and 'intolerant' Muslim countries before u make quick, dubious conclusions. You'd be surprised. As for Malaysia, well the politics there is complex to say the least. U need a more nuanced understanding of the country's history and playing-to-the-gallery politics to understand Najib's recent call, PAS's controversial rules, and Malaysian court rulings on cases like Lina Joy's.

Anonymous said...

Use yr brainies, beanie.
No need for contaminated vomit from some faggart of a freaky girlie!!
Don't know who is that? Go get matila here. We'll dissect that puss for you!!

redbean said...

wow, now i kena hantam like hell.

thanks blooms bureau and welcome.

i fully agree with what you said. egypt and the middle east were the cradles of advanced civilisations when the rest of the world were still in their stone age or whatever ages. the arabs found and discovered many things that the world built on today, science, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, engineering. the marvel of the pyramids is still keeping modern engineers in amazement.

and islam, like all religions, have a lot of good things and doctrines and teachings in them. but it is not only islam, other religions as well, where the pretenders and the extremists will interpret them and exploit them for their own agendas.

unfortunately what we see and hear in the news are not the healthy aspects of religions. in malaysia today, it is the forms and the obsession to forms that are hogging the limelight. and we are not short of ugly news and events happening there. the moderates, in singapore and malaysia, are on the defensive.

if the ultras got the upper hand, if they are able to wrangle control of the govt, it will lead to extremism. that is for sure. even today, many of the moderate leaders, including mahathir and abdullah, and najib as well, have no choice but to pander to the tune of the extremists. and the slide will continue.

i dread the day when malaysia really becomes an islamic state. for many years, malaysia was the leader of moderate islam in the modern world. the west actually look towards malaysia to take the lead to modernise the muslim world. but it is going down the slippery and treacherous road of fundamentalism.

it is very sad.

redbean said...

and a welcome to bureau chief too.

hey, i am only human and i can have my slips too.


redbean said...

the malaysians are quoting past precedents and the constitution to prove that malaysia is not an islamic state. so what?

the constitution can be amended. if not, just practise it and any religious matter just defer to the islamic courts. the secular courts will just claim ignorant or outside its jurisdiction. then islamic principles will become a de facto way of life.

no need to change anything.

good luck malaysia and malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Muslim but let me put it this way for this topic:

Being a Muslim believing in Islam..
Malaysian politics..

These ARE different things ALTOGETHER.

If this is not already obvious enough, but let's remind ourselves of this again. :)

redbean said...

malaysia must get its priorities right. how much islam, how much politics and how much economic devt.

at the moment the priorities are islam and politics. when islam and politics got messed up with economics, the result is obvious.

it is their choice.

one day some ultras will declare that manufacturing proton cars is unislamic and the factory must be closed down. mohamad travelled on camels and not by cars.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Use yr brainies, beanie.
No need for contaminated vomit from some faggart of a freaky girlie!!
Don't know who is that? Go get matila here. We'll dissect that puss for you!!
July 19, 2007 1:14 PM

Hey this anony talks exactly like one of those idoit. :)

Anonymous said...

You bapo of a freak anonymous July 21, 2007 2:40 PM!

hiding under anonymous again in yr baponess & conwardice again!?

Anonymous said...

you are such an amusing paranoid you know that :)

Anonymous said...

Hi anon July 21, 2007 2:52 PM,
I'll second yr perceptiveness! That bapo has hidden behind anon before then come out to say in squeaky puss-mouse: I was that anonymous..
What a freaker!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry guys, looks like i entered a cross-fire... my apologies again...