Let the religious have a say on GAY

Andy Ho suggested in his article in the ST that we should let the religious have a say on the gay issue. The religious is generally assumed to have a higher morality than the atheist on such issues. I beg to differ. Religion should not be allowed to interfere in state and secular matters. The Americans, though more inclined to Christianity, will not allow it to be part of the state belief system. It is best to leave state and religion separate. Every religion has their own set of strong beliefs on moral issues. And not everyone agrees to them. It is best that such beliefs be left among their believers and in the confines of their religious sacred grounds. No religion is superior to another and no religion must be allowed to impose their values and systems of beliefs on other people, atheists or people of other religions. There cannot be peace when religion is mixed with politics. Some extremists will emerge in time to invoke god to suppress the free will of others, and in the name of god, wickedness will be seen to be right. Let religion grow as a personal pursuit but not be allowed to become a national belief to govern a country.


Abao said...

Look at how religion caused wars in the past. People fought wars just because they believed the other party's intepretation of god is wrong.

It wasn't until recently that the powers of the church and state were seperated and science given a chance to make its impact in the society that gave us the foundations of the World today.

Anonymous said...

All religions are themselves led by so many with so diverse views that they tend to disagree with each other, even among the same faith. Who is to say whose view is correct?

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Anonymous said...

surely certain views among the main religions are common, esp the obvious. the religious should have a say on gay.

redbean said...

religion can have their say. they should not be gagged. but religion must not be allowed to meddle with politics. it is too dangerous an animal to let loose.

let the people enjoy their religion in their own privacy and no religion must be allowed to dominate state affairs. it is a very deadly concoction.