The last hurrah

In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating our National Day in big time. Two months to rejoice. With so many people making so much money and many more to come, it is timely to make this a big bang. On the other extreme, with all the costs shooting up, not just 2% more because of GST, but many times more, many people have already used up their GST rebates and their savings are running dry again. It had been reported that the first thing some of these people did when they received their rebates was to pay off all their debts and mortgage payments which they have not paid for months. So the windfall of a few hundred bucks disappeared quickly, though a temporary relief. How could these people go on before the next rebate kicks in? And this time round, with practically every little thing up, and the rebate gone, it is going to be a last hurrah. It is going to be tougher, no doubt about that.

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