We are first world, we believe in the tooth

If we cannot believe in tooth, or if we believe in tooth, or we don't care even if it is tooth? How far down the abyss are we prepared to go as a first world country to allow ourselves to be so deceived? It is so ridiculous for anyone to believe in untooth. It is a different matter for a nation to believe in untooth or let the people believe in untooth and do nothing about it. Are we saying that some people are allowed to propagate untooth? Or have we degenerated to the level of the third world intelligence? Uniquely Singapore


Anonymous said...

I think as with culture and traditions most but not all religions are unquestionable sets of beliefs and practices that comes with its unique and peculiar bias and prejudices which are passed down from one generation to the next so whther it is a tooth, a stone or something else one needs to be sensitive to the needs of the believers for their self preservation and continuity no matter how "ridiculous" that may sound to you or me.

You are free to choose your own beliefs as well.

Anonymous said...

Those who questions/ridcules other beliefs usually ended up either overwhelming or being overwehemed by the believers; this thing occurred throughout history.

redbean said...

in this case no one is questioning the religion but the tooth. and many believers know that it is not the tooth. even those responsible know that it is not the tooth.

unfortunately no one is brave enough to face the tooth and call a tooth a tooth.

it is the easiest way to discredit a respectable religion by refusing to see the tooth.

buddhism is about truth and not about tooth.

Anonymous said...

The irony is most religions are birthed that way with a set of beliefs be it a stone, a tooth or something else like "truth" which means different things to different people. I think one really needs to be perfectly neutral in order to question these things fairly.

redbean said...

i have read quite a bit about christianity and buddhism. i sieve through the reasonable and the belief parts of the two religions and i find the teachings of buddha more meaningful

but in practice, most religions have been corrupted by the ignorance of men. and many of the teachings have also been distorted by men who chose to believe what is comfortable to them or what they want to believe.

there are the rituals and beliefs parts that have been enshrined as part of a religion and believers are expected to believe blindly.

as a modern and intelligent society, we must not be captive to primitive and ignorant minds and thoughts. we must face the truth and discard the make beliefs. it is injustice to buddha, the great teacher, for people to make his followers believe in untruth.

buddha's teaching is to look at things as they truly are and not to believe in things that are not what they are.

Anonymous said...

Humans deceive humans. We should not blame those being deceived because those believers are not the better educated believers of Buddhism. It is the same with believers of other religions. Again, it is humans who deceive other humans.

redbean said...

we shall not allow the ironies of religion to be continued to be spread by not very intelligent men.

just because someone puts on a robe and carries some holy things and appears holy, that he knows what he is talking about or knows more about a religion. be prepared to question his knowledge.

the truth is that in many instances it is the blind that is leading the blind. believe in yourself and your ability to know the wrongs when they are obviously wrong. that is the least an educated person, or someone with a tertiary education should do.

the guy you are believing may not even pass his PSLE or GCE.

redbean said...

i agree.


sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.


redbean said...

when buddha died, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in a few places, dust to dust.

i doubt there were anything left to be kept by anyone. and his direct disciples were taught not to attach to anything impermanent and as enlightened people, quite a number of them were, they would not have kept any part of buddha for posterity. no attachment to things.

Anonymous said...

whatever, the point is to each his own beliefs.

redbean said...

in agricultural or backward societies, it is ok to leave the people alone to believe whatever they like, including superstition. nobody bothers about them, live die, or survive.

in the 21 century, in a first world highly educated population, do we want our people to believe in things that are obviously not what they are?

should we educate our people to think or should we let them believe what they want to believe, like those primitive tribes?