Islamic State: The story untold

Malaysia is an Islamic State. Period. No one shall talk about it anymore. It is sensitive and makes people nervous. It may remind people of many conspiracy theories. It may make political leaders kiss their krises, or people may run amok. The press and media have been told not to report about it. And slowly but surely, govt agencies will issue decrees to invoke Islamic principles for the people, muslims and non muslims, to conduct their lives. Snoop squads will be formed to invade homes and check on the residents to see if they live their lives according to islamic principles. Though the supreme court is supreme under the constitution, all matters that involved islamic principles are out of their juridistion and referred to the syariah courts. There you have it. How could the supreme court or secular courts protect the rights of the minorities when they have no jurisdictions over islamic matters? How could the minorities seek redress in secular courts when these courts just raise their hands and say, not my problem?


Anonymous said...

This is a sure sign of the country moving backwards, but it suits the mentality of the Malays. Good luck to them. And let the likes of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos progress and overtake them economically.

Anonymous said...

Let wait and see if that incestuous freak of a bapo turns up in here, yet another topic on malaysian state..

Anonymous said...

wow brudder you seems to be awfully disturbed :) seems like you may need to see a psychiatrist