Infidelity - The Andy Ho Twist

We spent some time last week speaking tongue in cheek about lust and the sweet young things and about ladies night. The issue was how lusty and alluring these young things were compared to the more mature and experienced ladies in their matronly age. Who would be of more value to lure men to spend money on them in night clubs and to sought their company? It was all about how sex sells. Andy Ho has given the issue a new twist in his article in the ST today. He compares the value of the womenfolks with the value of aged women like his grandmother. Interesting way to include grandmother into the discussion on human lust. Now I am amused. Cheers Andy, for the humour.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The best thing about bangin' them grannies is that they can't get pregnant :)

...and when they take out the false teef, and those gums sure do make an airtight seal when sucking ;)

Anonymous said...

Cant be too sure it works all the time.... hmmm better play safe in case it gets chewed off

Anonymous said...

There is a thin line between being a pervert and a genius :)

Anonymous said...

Grannies are tempting, mouth-watering and juciy only when they are dark gren.

redbean said...

way, way, don't mix grannies with parties lah.

and i agree with anonymous. dentures can bite also.

now what is this dark green version?

Anonymous said...

Genius share brains in discussion here.
Brawns in taking action, doing deeds, being practical.
Pervert waste his seed on some beach somewhere..
No need brain. Nor brain.

Just bird. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did U spot the mistake in comment above?

"No need brain. Nor BRAWN."

Clever U! Got brain, really got brain. :)

Anonymous said...

Catch no balls lah!

Anonymous said...

he said go mati

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Woman below 35 are Mei(3) Li(4)
Woman above 35 have Mei(4) Li(4)

You can tell your wife or girlfriends that...

Anonymous said...

in my experience there are basically only 3 types of women.

girls below 35 who is sweet, slim and demure

girls above 35 who are horny and desparate.

girls who are oversized and bigger than man who likes either angmoh or demure girls