How serious is profiteering?

There were little profiteering, very few raised prices. Now there are more appearing, and more complaints. The msm has done its survey and found only 4.8% of those surveyed raised their prices. Ask any housewives or any consumers and they will tell you practically everything is up. And if prices are not up, the quantity goes down. I had a personal encounter when the meat came in paper thin slices instead of the usual one cm thickness. I could not believe my eyes. I stared at the plate of rice and meat and the stall holder looked away. I know that that would be the last time I buy from that stall in a food court. But what is real? Are the people now being shortchanged by the stalls and shops? How much is a dollar worth now?


Anonymous said...

2 methods of propaganda:

1: deny and neutralise, deny and neutralise, deny and neutralise

If that doesnt work,
2: broadcast it and neutralise it, broadcast it and neutralise it, broadcast it and neutralise it.

Unlike us, the Chinese used the first method during SARS.

The second method is the reason why all undergraduates are encouraged to start blogging and has resulted in many forums instead of just redbean forum to captivate.

redbean said...

forums will replace kopitiam gossip in time. the ah peks will move on and we will have new ah peks who are tech savvy to use the net.

and all the blogs and forums will be interlinked like a web of information. when the web is big enough, it will take on a different role and has a bigger weight.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out there, and the reality is almost everything has gone up in price, or reduction in quantity. The untruth is in the reporting by the so-called official watchdog and the watchtower press.

I agree with anonymous that propoganda is at work again to mitigate the unpalatable truth.

redbean said...

george bush declared victory after they walked into baghdad. he is still claiming victory or victory is near.