Good times are here

The msm have been reporting that corporations are having a hard time looking for talents and will pay practically anything to the right candidates. And talented professionals could really call their shots on how much they want. Today the media again splashes the good news over several pages showing how easy it is for fresh graduates to land a job and how well they are being paid. The headache lies in the human resource dept. How to adjust the salaries of those recruited over the last few years and how much is enough. When fresh grads are getting $3000, $3500 or more, how can they continue to pay their recent hires less? And taken into considerations their few years in the organisations, how far should the adjustments go? This is especially sensitive and critical to large organisations especially govt and stats boards where fresh grads are taken in every year. For the average run of the mill graduates, no problem. No need to adjust too much as they can be easily replaced or they can't command much in other jobs. The problem lies in the talented and good graduates that they took in. These are their very bright future leaders and they can easily judge whether they have been shortchanged by the organisations. They are no fools and if the adjustments are not equitable and fair, they will leave at the first opportunity. Those who are staying or keeping mum are those that have not yet landed a job of their desires or under bond. When the path is clear, sayonara. Human resource administrators will have to review their recent intakes carefully and do the due diligence before a mass walkout is at hand. This is the good time, the golden years, and people, especially the young talents, will also want to be paid in gold and not peanuts.


Anonymous said...

I was told that they got helicopter views, but how come they didnt see the obvious...have they lost control?

With such high rentals and all, and increasing more daily with all these sensations in the newspapers' headlines, how is Singapore ever going to get workers on the cheap?

hdb rentals are now $2,000 per 3 rooms, works out to $700 per room, why would a malaysian/china worker come to singapore to work just to pay housing rental?

Why did the newspapaer sensationalises abt all these... so that more people starts to UP the rental from now on?


I suspect that some people are not doing the job properly, by allowing prices to escalate in to crisis before taking late action. What happens to pre-emptive measures?

Anonymous said...

On the contrary I think the journalists are doing their job by reporting on the present dilemna.

In other words, they are reporting the responses to the situation during the escalation as in pre-crisis, not afterwards.

So when everyone is well-informed about the present situation, only then will they be able to see how the problem is dealt with or not.

Anonymous said...

Property speculators and flippers are allowed to have a free hand to run up the mkt without govt intervention, has led to rental increases as an end result. These will cause social as well as economic problems.

For example...by end next year 2 mega malls will open in Orchard road with more than 900 huge shops and as many offices, requiring at least 5,000 plus new workers. If you cant attract foreign workers to come in as sales assistants, the shops wud have to close..... And when the casinos open, there will be even more demand for foreign workers to man certain jobs that sngaporeans do not traditionally like.

What wud be the housing rentals be in 2 years time, just wait and see or what? Hdb house rental goes to $3,000/ $4,000 by 2008 is quite possible.

DO we need a mathematician to figure out the impact?

redbean said...

if i am a property developer, my only interest is to make profits. so the higher the property prices, the better will be my bottom line.

the same goes to property speculators and those who have owned several properties. in their own selfish interests, they will cahoot and drive up prices. why care about the impact on the economy and the people. the people who cannot take advantage of the situation deserves to be left behind.

everyone must take care of their own pockets first. nothing to feel sentimental or emotional about. this is the reality of life.

Anonymous said...

The govt should take the right measures to stop excessive speculations and not be concern with emotions or sentiments.

redbean said...

helicopter view means looking from the top. tackle the problem at the top first. and if there are still some leftovers, let them trickle downwards.

redbean said...

to arrest the spiralling of property prices, go after the speculators and those who have vested interests to want property prices to go up.

who are they?

TuraiKiller said...

Why allow property to rised like no body business, just look at this two property developers Keppel Land & Capital Land & do you guy know who they belong to...

Temasek, So now you guy know the answers- if they don't suck right now when is the right times just like they always said now is a right to increases their salary, GST & more more......The greed creature were never feel satisfy... so the peoples have to work harder than ever to satisfy them...

Anonymous said...

Like many others, we were wondering what could be the real reasons the govt is allowing these unproductive speculations to go from strength to strength and not stop them.

For increasing DC charges is only side stepping the real issues and delaying the feverish rise in property prices, it is just a token piece meal measure that has little impact on the flippings done on the primary market.

There is only one answer but it will affect those with vested interests, so it is a hard decision; increase stamp duties plus 100% capital gain taxes for properties sold within 2 years.

This will EFFECTIVELY stop the flipping but not the serious buyers and investors.

THE GOVT IS NOT BLIND, they are aware of this option, but no one is asking them why they are holding back and not implementing it.

Meanwhile, more and more flipper wanabes are speculating the market causing the secondary market and lately the mass market to spike and escalate.

redbean said...

if i have vested in something, i should not be making decisions affecting the outcome of that something.

this is a fundamental principle of conflict of interests.

just look at the wide grin and brimming smile on the face and you will know who is benefitting from all these.