Don't comment and can't report

Another dark day for msm for reporting on data that were wrong. And it took a blogger, Alex Au of Yawning Bread to do his own checking to confirm that the numbers published were indeed a mistake. Rental price of a 3 room flat in Jurong East was reported to be $2,500 but actually it was for two adjoining units. What happens to the professionalism and the checkings and double checkings to ensure accurate reporting that were bragged by the professionals as their trade mark for excellence? We in cyberspace are so sloppy and lucky that we can say anything without being professional and accurate. The other point highlighted by this case is that the two units were let out to foreign workers. Any problem? If there is no control and 10 to 20 foreign workers were squeezed into the two units, how would it affect the security and social aspects of residents living there? Who would want to leave their aged, housewives and young daughters in the midst of strangers? Would the authority like to look into this?


Anonymous said...

This was left on the voice mail on FM 95.8, heard it at 0650hrs today, 25 Jul 2007.

An auntie at Telok Blangah hawker center complained that the whole hawker center has to be shut for 4 days to have a white wash for LHL's visit.... 4 days of lost income for a nice face lift, does it reflect the real situation???

When can this wayang stop???

Who are the people reflecting the livelihood of the sheep amongst us??? The 2 legged pigs are having a ball of a good time, please spare some thoughts for the 4 legged sheep.

Anonymous said...

Years of being led by the invisible hand have left the reporters reluctant to dig further into reports that are inaccurate. After all, those things dug out and unfavourable may never see the light of day. So why bother.

redbean said...

dunno about our journalists but foreign journalists, esp the westerners, many are paid by western intelligence services to write propaganda and churn out as truth, like the case for the invasion of iraq and wmd and anti china articles.

Abao said...

The piece of news that people believes will be stated as the truth, and the true truth will stay hiddened and lost in the void of time.

That is why things need to be verfied .

Anonymous said...

Apparently another sensational rumour that will fuel the property market no doubt, is exactly like the benchmarking promotion during property launches where 1 unique apartment facing the best seaview sold at $5,000 psf, maybe to the developer's relatives becomes the latest hype and benchmark.

I cant help wondering whether the developer is the mastermind behind all these property hypes becos it looks ORGANISED and CONCERTED to me.

Anonymous said...

There are alot of tricks actually, including paying aunties and ah sohs to create long queues at launches, as in making illusory markets. Tipping journalists to hype the markets is another. Just look to HK to learn the bags of tricks.

The solution is not just more transparent reporting on facts and figures, they shud haul one of these bigwigs in to stop these nonsense and clamp down on excessive speculations.

redbean said...

we have to look at the role of govt, of property developers and their agents. when both are playing the role that they are supposed to be, then there is some balancing.

it is asking too much to expect the developers and property agents to be generous and think of national interests by not exploiting the buyer to maximise profits. they are there to make a good profit.

the govt's role is more a balancing act, protecting the people and allowing the business to run and make money. when the govt is too protective of the people and curb business interests, then businesses will fail or go away.

when the govt is fully behind the concept of maximising profit, and knowing that profits come from the people, then developers laugh to the bank while people have to pay more.

the thinking at the govt level must be clear and not cloudy.

Anonymous said...

You guys are bordering on fantasy-rich conjectures now haha.. But at least the going-ons are not as idiotically vulgar as Redbean has allowed it to be before!!

redbean said...

i believe there are more goodness that bad. i never condone vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity. if we can grow up and be more refined, we must.

being crude, rude and boorish and vulgar must not be seen as cool.

but once must allow a little outburst to let out steam. but then again not to hit out at anyone in particular.

Anonymous said...

..but once must allow a little outburst to let out ..steam. but then again not to hit out at ..anyone in particular.

Ababa la Redbeanie, U now talking like those miw!

1st U saying being crude is not being cool. Spot on!

Then U saying must allow a little outburst b.s..

Then U saying that outburst must not hit out at anyone b.s..

Abababa.. What talking U brudder?

1. That idiot of a bapo* got just give "a little outburst"?
2. Did bapo* give out only "once" or "once a while"?
3. Didn't that bapo* hit out @ people? Individual from gahmen to Sgaporeans to fellow blogger?

* DON'T BE MADE COBWARDLY BY mati, Redbean!!