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A Declaration of War

It has begun. Ayman Al Zawahir, the number 2 man of Al Qaeda has order the 'Islamic fighters to strike Western interests worldwide and for regime change in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.' Al Qaeda is also talking about regime change. It is a struggle against corrupt regimes aiming at the interests of Crusaders and Jews. It is a war between Islam and Christians and Jews. "All those who have attacked the (Islamic) nation must pay the price, in our countries and theirs, in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Palestine and in Somalia, but above all where one can strike a blow against their interests,' he said. This is a very serious threat and all countries will have to take it seriously and beef up their securities. It is a cakewalk of a different kind. Expect more hits around the world. This could be the world war 3 that the world has been awaiting.


Anonymous said...

are you nuts? what declaration of war this time? world war 3? u must be thinking too highly of these jokers. world world will only start when the US and western allies undergo an unforgettable financial crisis where they will throw in the towel when that is nothing else to lose. war spending is a powerful way to adjust financial imbalances and write-offs.....

its the same joke they said after the vietnam war that the US lost the war. of course they did not, how could they? they abdicated 2 years before the war ended due to political pressures at home.

redbean said...

warfare has changed. it is not going to be two armies facing each other at the battle field. the battle is now in the apprarently peaceful streets.

this war is going to be fought unconventionally and in all corners of the earth by not uniformed combatants. you may not see a soldier. but it is still war.

Anonymous said...

Then how to proclaim: "Mission Accomplished"