CPF - Grabbing at straws

The Straits Times gives Chua Mui Hoon almost one whole page of the Editorial Page to justify why it is good to raise the withdrawal age for the minimum sum to 65. It is so pathetic. Her only good reason for not returning the money to its rightful owner is for CPF Board to improve its returns to the people. Who cares about those miserable returns that could not even keep pace with the GST increases. It is a non issue. Nobody is interested in the interest rate. The longer the money is kept, the lesser it is worth. The issue is what right has the govt to keep on holding on to the people's money? The life long savings of the people must be returned to the people at the earliest possible as it is their just reward for a life time of struggling and working. This is the last contentment for the ageing and dying men and women and no one shall deprive them of it. They have worked for a life time, waited for a life time, looking forward to this moment to breathe a little easier, to touch the money that they have slogged and saved all this while. How cruel it can be to die without seeing it, without touching it and without being able to spend it for themselves, to go for that holiday, to buy a good meal for themselves, or a little toy for their own amusement?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Every govt has a constant stable of ball lickers from the mainstream media who's job it is to try, lie, bullshit and bamboozle the public into believing that the govt is really a "friend" of the people, and not there to screw the citizens until their assholes bleed.

Fuck the mainstream journalists. Fuck them with a huge AIDs infected govt dick.

Anonymous said...

When blogging was non existent, these propaganda organs can say just anything they felt like and it sounded as if it is the only view out there.

Someone high up once saying, singaporeans are not afraid of competing with foreigners, and it becomes like a norm which implies all of us welcome foreigners and competition. But the truth is singaporeans are fearful and dislike to the extent of hating foreign competition.

The other thing is abt the plastic bags issue at supermarkets etc.. some top fella made a remark that the plastic bags we take from the supermarkets are not utilised, is wasteful and therefore the practice need to stop. In one stroke, he conveniently puts his words and views into everybody's mouth in support of his arguments and to justify the desired changes.

But the truth is most of us in fact recycle these plastic bags to store our garbage and waste for removal, without which there are just no other alternatives. From from being wasteful, the plastic bags are a necessity and strangely nobody pointed that out abt that distorted view.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

We have to live in such times when we follow what the top says because we do not have sufficient leaders capable of giving contrary views.

1) Giving better returns for CPF - I support.
2) Extending retirement age till 65 - I don't support
3) Giving back CPF moneies to all Singaporeans at earliest possible time. - I don't support

redbean said...

i agree that plastic bag is a necessity to dispose off our swills and waste. but the person who want to do away with it may think that he is right because he has no experience in using plastic bag. he just eats his fill and walks away leaving others to clear his leftovers.

can't blame him. different lifestyle. just like can't blame people who think $600k is peanuts. that is true to those people.

redbean said...

as for cpf withdrawals, there must be different options and not a straight jacket solutions.

after 55, many are competent enough to manage their own lives and their own money. those who want the cpf to continue to do so, cpf should offer their services to manage them, maybe at a fee.

options and choices are what we need.

Anonymous said...

When they take the plastic bags away from you, you will have the right to download your swills thru your windows??