CPF for old age

With the increasing uses of the CPF savings, and with the runaway cost of living, it is necessary to decide what is more important. Is it retirement fund or a flat, or education for children? For many, their CPF savings will never be enough for any one of these big ticket items, and worst if they are going to use it for so many things. Ng Eng Hen is right to say that those who have a lot of CPF savings have no need to use them as they are mostly very rich and have a lot of money for many other things. It is the 'eat not full, hunger cannot die' heartlanders that have to juggle on what to spend and how much to spend. They are the ones that have little in their CPF savings but stupidly insisting on using them for the education of their children. But what choices do they have when they are struggling to make ends meet and education is not cheap? And there are many other bills to pay too. One good solution is to follow the policy of the old NKF. Save for the future and forget about the now. If they cannot manage their day to day living, it is their problem. They will be very thankful if they live old enough and see a big nest egg waiting for them. Their golden years, provided their money is still worth what they are and have some purchasing power left. These poor people are real irritants and irresponsible. Not enough money still want to take out their retirement funds to spend. Why can't they think and behave like the rich, don't touch their CPF savings? It it for their own good.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Eh Harlow,

There was never meant to be enough money for retirement anyway.

Are you paying attention or not?!?

Even the govt ministers have told the people over and over again that they need to take out private insurance and other mechanisms to prepare for retirement and old age.

Stop trying to make it such that CPF is an "entitlement"— it is not, it is a TAX, used to fund the GLCs (among other things).

Get off this "entitlement metality" of yours and move the fuck on!

For fucks sakes lah redbean!

redbean said...

no man, my money is my money. see who dares to take it away from me.

Anonymous said...

Stand firm brudder bean!
This bapo of an animal has no guts nor gumption to think straight and reason here. Spoiling such a blog which you sweated over each day with regular news comments..

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redbean said...

Ok bapo or matilah,

just tone down a little can?

we shall enjoy each other's views even if they don't agree with our own. let's avoid excessive vulgarities and name callings.

ok bapo? oops i am calling you bapo again. ok, ok, matilah, let's enjoy a little sanity here.


Anonymous said...

He was the bapo! See what's he's been doing here!
Who's the self-righteous freak of a bapo?!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you beat me to it - I was going to tell red bean not to be the bapo! Stand up and kick that real bapo out of his ivory tower!

An Western elite noted that the Net's a web of mob, bully, ignorant & self-serving idiots.

Red bean, you want your blog to head this way?

Anonymous said...

This blog is already like this already. You didn't know? Or are you new here?

Since RedBean don't care. Why do we?

Just enjoy the show lor hehe..

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the hell outta here!
Time to get where fresh air is!!

redbean said...

hey guys,

thanks for the feedback. matilah, you heard them.

let's get back to senses and sensibilities. too much toddy is bad.

my apologies to all you guys.

redbean said...

matilah, see what you have done to my blog and everyone here?

i know that everyone is free to express their views. but can be more sanitised and less crude.

i know you will not change for anyone and not under pressure, but just abstain will do a lot of good.


Anonymous said...

Cool it guys! :) Don't throw the baby out with the water!


Anonymous said...

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redbean said...

ok anonymous, got your point.

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redbean said...

thanks elle,

you are welcome to join the discussion.


Anonymous said...

You calling such a "discussion"? Do you ever get one of those desperate times when you thought and you want to just fart, but out comes something else loose and more solid? Perplexing isn't it? This is your blog with mati around. You can't see? The readers here can!


Anonymous said...

i think he's got irritable bowel syndrome