Changi and NUH up charges

Singaporeans are so lucky that both hospitals have not raised their fees for the last 10 years. Finally, when costs are pushing up after 10 long years, they have decided that some of the fees like A & E have to go up by 10 to 15%. For the sceptical and cynical, they might argue that for the two hospitals to maintain the rates for 10 years without increasing, then either the fees they charged 10 years ago were giving them very good returns or that they were absorbing all the increasing costs and suffering losses. It all depends on how one looks at an issue. One can criticise or rejoice, complain or praise according to how one interpret the data. But the truth will still be out there.


Anonymous said...

The truth is - don't fall sick.

The other truth is - they think Singaporeans love to fall sick.

The third truth is - you can die but you cannot fall sick.

Anonymous said...

I know a person who lives in London. He has the advantage of using free medical facilities of the UK NHS, although he never contributed a single penny towards it. The reason he is able to benefit from the free NHS is through marriage to a UK resident. However if he ever falls sick he said he would fly back to Singapore because the medical facilities in Singapore is better than what the free UK hospital can ever provide.

Singapore has the best so I do not see why peope bitch so much when it came to having to pay for it. You get what you pay for.

redbean said...

it is true that our healthcare service is of very high standard.

it is also true that it is not cheap.

it is also true that the cost of our healthcare service can be further reduced.

it is also true that by restructuring the cost, by using our real talents' talent, the cost can be shifted to those who are willing to pay for more quality services from those who just want basic healthcare.

Anonymous said...

We always said we are the best in anything man could think of but that's not what the angmoh said.

What the angmoh said was we have been hyping ourselves up through heavy marketing campaigns overseas becos we are relying on the regional medical hub branding for our bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

If we want to be known as the best we must take on the RISKIEST operations, put the successful one on the front page and the rest at the back, the obituraries.

redbean said...

in a world that is getting more and more reliance on marketting and hype, it is necessary to blow the trumpets to get attention.

but must always keep one foot on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Sinkapoo merlion.. U're a great way to fly kite..

new branding. new slogan?