Asean, the fools have it

Asean was conceived to bring small countries together as a group to compete against the world and keep the big powers at bay, politically and economically. But one thing that they must settle first is their internal bickering. If Asean countries cannot live and cooperate with each other, what chance to they have when competing with the giants and bigger countries? But there are so many fools within Asean that constantly try to cripple the organisation. And one of the sore point is the little Red Dot. In their own bizarre and simplistic underdeveloped mindset, I am using strong language here, they have painted this harmless little dot into a monster to fear. Really, what can the little Red Dot do to any of the countries in Asean? Conquer and colonise them? How foolish. And for their foolish thoughts, they make it so difficult for Singapore to invest in their countries. Do they really believe that it is better to have the big powers to invest in them? With the little dot, they know that we cannot bully them in any way. We have to play by their rules. On the other hand the big powers will have nothing of their nonsenses. If the big powers are not happy, they will take out the cane and whip them, real hard. They better remember very clearly that the big powers were the ones who had colonised them and still have the capability to do so. Not the little Red Dot. When will the fools get wiser? Or are they so happy and contented to live in the backwaters of the world economic activities and believing in their rural fantasy that Singapore is giant demon?


Anonymous said...

To most Asean countries, the colonial days were like a bad dream. Maybe it is because of that they do not want to be colonised again, albeit this time round in an economical way.

The little red dot has been flexing her economical muscle and many of her neighbours do not like that. How would Singaporeans feel if another country comes to Singapore and buy up all the big national institutions??

redbean said...

the issues are not complicated. do these countries want to trade and want investment? and for investing and buying up of companies, there are companies that are for sale and some not for sale. the countries selling have all the prerogatives to designate what can be sold and what cannot be sold. and when they allowed them to be sold, why blamed the buyer?

many countries would love the many from the little red dot. china and vietnam and india are trying very hard to get our money there.

it is only the complicated and cloudy asean minds that cannot decide what they want and what they do not want.

singapore cannot buy anything that the countries did not want to sell. period.

how could little red dot colonise any of these countries? look at the funds coming into the little red dot to buy up our companies. are we colonised? if we are, we deserved to be colonised. and it is very easy given our size.

but little red dot colonising anyone? can it be a reality? singapore colonising malaysia, thailand or indonesia?????? :(