The 23 South Korean sacrifice

The world is made of many suckers and naive or youthful idealism. These Koreans believe in a world of goodness, to do goodness without knowing that for every goodness in this world there is an equal wickedness out there. And they may have to pay for their stupidity with their lives. And the pain is at home, their love ones. And of course the South Korean govt saw its balls stuck in a mouse trap. This is a stark and brutal lesson that Singaporeans must learn and I hope the govt has put a ban to prevent naive Singaporeans from walking the same path to martyrdom. In my conversation with some Singaporeans, there is a little group that lauds the act and is celebrating their impending status as martyrs. They have only praise and adoration for this group of silly Koreans. And do not be surprised that some Singaporeans may be planning a similar mission to save the Afghans or the Iraqis.


Anonymous said...

they are celebrating becos those in shit are not their relatives.

Anonymous said...

what goodness do you think there is in the mind of the muslims in afghan that this christian group of koreans could bring to them?

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Unfortunately, these koreans have to sacrifice before it ring a bell to the world.

Unfortunately these Afghans do such silly acts to sacrifice their own country after the bell is rang.

redbean said...

the south koreans have been taught and believe that helping the poor and helpless is a good thing.

but the talibans do not welcome their help and see them as meddling and undermining their role in the eyes of their people.

Anonymous said...

Fuck those ballbrain incestous sons of primitive families, I'll say. It's a free world and the koreans have all rights to export and bring their kimchi anywhere.
Too bad the talibird-brains have no wish nor want to acquire the taste of some preserved spicy cabbages. But rather, to use one hand for cleaning shit and the other for pumping bullets into the kimchi-carrying visitors. ;-)

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, they are the pawns sacrificed for the bell to ring louder to the world.

Unfortunately, they themselves did not know.

its not a country devastated by natural calamity, but a war-torn country fighting mucb under the inspiration of religion.

redbean said...

lets be pragmatic. they are having a war. and a war torn country lives on different sets of rules.

if anyone think he wants to play with fire, be prepared to live under life firing and be shot.

it is not a nation hit by natural disasters like the tsunami. it is war and killings.