World best civil service

The Accenture reports put the Singapore Civil Service as the best in the world. No surprises here. How else could the country run so well and for so long. The civil service is the backbone of the country's development, but often their role was underplayed. There were gripes about some inefficiencies here and there. What's so surprising and difficult to understand about this? Only God will think that he is perfect and cannot tolerate a little complaints. All earthlings are imperfect and will have slips or imperfections here and there that will draw flakes now and then. No matter how good is a system, there must be flaws, big or small. This is the realities of life. Despite all the imperfections, we indeed have a really good civil service.


Anonymous said...

Yes, boasting time, feel good, let all hot air get to the head.....very soon, things start to fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Halo, red beanie, when did yr god suddenly become God?
Dun anyhow say god this god that pls.
For one, it's not truthful that a divine being will "cannot tolerate a little complaints." as U claimed hehe..
Let's stick our ramblings to the imperfect world, to the very uniquely (& severely!!) imperfect red dot. ;)

redbean said...

wow anonymous, your eyes so sharp. i mistyped big G for small g you also noticed. see how imperfect i am.

the red dot may be imperfect. but compare to others, we are near to perfect. isn't it?

Matilah_Singapura said...

This sentence makes no logical sense at all:

> Despite all the imperfections, we indeed have a really good civil service. <

redbean, you mabok or what?

The private sector can do what the civil service does BETTER, and a whole lot CHEAPER.

Remember, these buggers are paid far too much for what they are "supposed to" do. I still don't know what Stat Boards are for and why they have such elaborate premises and expensive payrolls.

No private enterprise will be allowed to, or able to run that way because BANKRUPTCY will be inevitable.

redbean said...

it is all relative lah. the reference point is all the civil services around the world. we can't be bad right.

i may be drunk with too much coconut milk.