Why complain about working to 70?

I have read some forumers complaining about having to work till 70. Now that is a shame. I would love to work until 100. I am craving, and crazily in love with work. But I have a little problem. Can someone please offer me a job that pays $1 mil? Never mind $500k also can. I promise you that I will be the most happy worker and will not give anyone any problem. And the cpf can do anything they want with my money. Withdrawal at 100 years also can.


Lost4ever said...

Dear redbean

u better go to WOODBRIGE for a thorough check on your mental conditions

Anonymous said...

I think he's being sarcastic. Working for a MSM can make you stupid at times.

redbean said...

if someone is going to put $1 mil or $500k in my pocket, you can check me as many times as you want in woodbridge. all i do is to count the money while waiting to be checked, and smiling to myself and let people scold or call me stupid.

no problem at all: )

Anonymous said...

There are no problem for us to work up to 70 years. If the current withdrawing of CPF is keep at 55 years old and distribution of minimum sum at 62 years. No quarrel about that.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no point in complaining. For those who do not want to work at 70, something needs to be done. For those who want to work at 70, something else must be done.

All human wants and desires require human ACTION to be realised.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Retirement is about having a choice to continue working or to pursue things of our desire.

It will be sad if onc have to work till 70 for the sake of living each day.

But if someone pays me millions a yr for simple work, I don't mind.

redbean said...

adrian has a point. while people of developed and underdeveloped countries can look forward to a life after retirement, singaporeans have lost that privilege.

we no longer have a choice. we have to work in order to live. and we must have at least $120k in our cpf to think of living. hey, this sum of money can make many people live like a king in some countries. but here, it can be wiped out in a week or a month of hospitalisation. that is how big our money is today, locally.

TuraiKiller said...

Work until 70 yrs old, possible join pap millionaires old age working party, good job, 9 to 5, fantastic pay, good bonus ,work until die also no problem.

Boon Heng any more vacancy?

Anonymous said...

Yourr never hear what lim su say just say meh?
Never hear he say what boat not around aredi although high tide liao. So he also say we must own self swim to shore and back.. Or izzit only old peeple then must swim..
Wa seh! Si beh tokong man, this su say fellow.
No la, I don't mean the things he said after taking over lim boon shuay la.
I mean hor - U see his hair now?
Realli tokong hor?!!

Ahh, ang dao peng yu ah, when U want to say abit things abt hwat su say say ah?? U never read news one izzit?
Faster catchup la.. ;B

Yrs Truly,

Anonymous said...

I mean hor, when U want to say abit things abt what su say say ah??

Yrs Truly,

redbean said...

i just posted about people in public dialogue sessions with ministers must ask them the simple question...'eh, money is mine. who gives you the right to do anything you want with it without my permission?'