What is Singapore Post up to?

I thought no organisation is to price in the 2% GST increase to the consumers? In his reply to Leong Sze Hian, Tay Poh Choo, a VP from SingPost said, 'As a GST registered company, Singpost collects GST on behalf of the Govt. In this exercise, we would like to assure the public that there will be no increase in revenue for Singpost.' And the 1c increase in postage is exactly 2%. Ok, accepted. And Singpost will absorb the 2% increase for all other local weight steps. 'We will return 1% of the franked postage to franked mail customers from 1 July.' Puzzled, 2%, 1%? Why take all the trouble?


Anonymous said...

They say what - what lor!
But.. they say what huh?

Sori I catch no ball also.

redbean said...

i also blur blur.

first thing in the morning got hit by such a statement.

Anonymous said...

Is Singpost giving us a hint that in future franked mail will be cheaper than normal stamped mail.

This again benefits big companies because small outfits and individuals will not need franking machines. Am I on the right track?

redbean said...

if they want to absorb the gst when increase and then return? it takes a lot of work, effort and cost.

probably they never heard of the phrase, do nothing is better than doing for the sake of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, this type of Sengkapolian company ah, is like this one.
U never hear before: Got do like no (or never) do one!

Sengkapolians Not Stupid. No Stamps On Our Eyes. ;)