What is the Singapore Brand?

Many people crow about the Singapore Brand. I am also proud of this brand. To me it means trustworthiness, reliability and peace of mind. Foreigners have this respect when they come to Singapore to do business or to do whatever. They know that this is a safe place, things are proper and orderly and predictable. The last thing they want to know is being cheated. That things don't work as expected. Now, with some of the negative publicity we are getting, we are hearing Singaporeans happily throwing around the word 'caveat emptor.' Now what does that mean? It means that one has to be careful when in Singapore or when dealing with Singaporeans. And if you are cheated, it is your own problem because you never open your eyes. Has Singapore or the Singapore Brand degenerate to this level when the trustworthiness and reliability are now not a given? And Singaporeans are happily going about it as if it is just the natural course of things to be in Singapore. Actually I should have posted this under the topic, Signs of Decline.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Singaporeans worry too much about the Singapore brand because it makes little difference to their lives. Take for example SIA. Except for the few who worked in SIA, which is uniquely a Singapore Brand, and the shareholders, who else cares if SIA made record profits or sink into oblivion.

So, the Singapore Brand thing is very much like a rallying call to remind Singaporeans that we have what it takes to succeed, much like our neighbour's "Malaysia Boleh". It instills in us the "feel-good factor".

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore Brand to the person doing business
or travelling in this fantastic time in human history is definitely respected. The Singapore Government does an excellent job in protecting the private property rights and individual rights of the folk in the global business community.

And the taxes are LOW too—for new startups companies the first $1mil profit every year for 3 years is tax-free.

Business people from diverse cultures can meet in S'pore—even at the airport, open up their lap tops fro teleconferencing etc, and start doing business STRAIGHT AWAY You can register a business online, get banking and company information online. If you have a mobile telephone and a wireless laptop, you can begin commerce the moment you step out from the plane at Changi. You can even apply for your social visit pass etc online.

No where else in the world can you do all this and more—so easily and so cheaply.

Singapore Brand? Best fucking hotel in the world!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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