We believe

Segmentation of the Singapore society We are truly unique in many ways. We can even segment the property market and believed that the price spiral in the top end market will not affect the property prices of the HDB market. We also believe that the enbloc sales will be isolated and HDB prices will not rise. We believe. We just simply believe. We also believe that the GST increases can be managed and control with our unique and efficient law enforcement system that small businesses will not pass the cost to the consumers. We believe that all the businesses will simply just charge 2% of the GST and all cost remains unchanged. We also believe that the emperor is wearing his birthday suit, fully clothed.


Anonymous said...

I believe in not believing what they say.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Segmentation" is an idea made in the human mind. It makes it easier to "categorise" things by arranging them a certain way.

Nature in, reality is CHAOTIC.

BTW, there is only one type of price: The Market Price. It doesn't matter if the land is Ardmore Park or Admiralty, the market price for a specific good (and value to the owner) is determined by the DEMAND for that property. The fact that Ardmore Park costs more than Admiralty is because people are willing to pay higher prices for Ardmore.

Real estate will rise in a place like S'pore because land is really scarce, and the population is going to increase with an emphasis on personal wealth for new immigrants. In fact, in a short time, only the wealthy will be able to afford the cost of immigrating to Singapore.

So people can segment all they like. Some people have too much time on their hands :)

redbean said...

i never know how expensive it is like until i try to calculate what it will cost me to move around.

this place is going to be very tough for the ordinary flat dwellers.