Trees are attacking Singaporeans

The trees are striking at Singaporeans, killing 3 in a row. And so is our water. Wild water and safe water, they are still life threatening. It is time to cut down all the trees and warn Singaporeans not to go near them or the water. The building of dykes would come in handy to keep the water away. And all pools should be covered up to be used only as water containers. What have we done to the trees and water that they are picking on us? Is there any infidelity on our part to deserve the wrath of nature? It is very strange for trees to attack people. And swimming pool incidents should not have happened again and again. We are now so experience in picking dead children bodies from the pools. Do we want to continue to do so?


The Oriental Express said...

It's not trees or water that are attacking people. Man is gradually destroying his own environment!

Have you not heard of strange people turning on the air con at full blast only to cover themselves up with thick blankets to sleep. And this goes on and on...... the earth is gradually being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

But they are opening up reservoirs for water sports, and we have already one drowning. I hope we do not get a decomposed body in the water one day. But, of course a body or two in the reservoir is not a big deal to them.

Anonymous said...

We populate in an island but we're not competent swimmers.
Even if one can swim, There r tides, currents, undercurrents, seaweeds etc to add to the treachery of the waters.
We want to be everything for every industry.
We want to be making profits in every pie we put our fingers into.
We want 6++ millions pp on our island. If not we take measures like add more land..
Any wonder we're drowning?

redbean said...

i have stop meddling with the switches in the office. there are hot blooded and cold blooded animals. so some like it hot and some like it cold.

i just heard jusuf kalla threatening the world that if the world is not going to give money to indonesia, they will destroy their forest and let the world know the consequences. great man and great talk.