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To each his own

Singapore Incorporation is slowly disintegrating. I can sense that there is a lack of concern, anxiety, taking ownership or appreciation of how one arsehole can bring the downfall of the whole incorporation. The impression I get is that everyone is only concerned about his own arsehole being stuff with gold and not being screwed. As long as that is taken care off, no one will bother about the big picture. The fumbling and crumbling of the education industry is a case in point. Is there another urgency and anxiety to make sure that the Education Hub goal is not compromised by all the fly by night operators? One by one is crashing down. And can anyone believe that all these problems will not affect the Education Hub? It will not affect the Education Hub, but more. The image of Singapore as a squeaky clean and efficient place, that everything works, will be compromised as well. This is the same kind of mentality like we often heard from one organisation to another. It is affordable. 2c here, 20c there, $2 elsewhere, all affordable on its own. But the aggregate of all these, the big picture, is that it burns a big hole to those who cannot afford them. Maybe we can still afford to have a few private schools closing down and a few hundred students crying on the streets. And caveat emptor hor. What happens to Singapore Incorporation when every bit is intertwined to bake a bigger pie?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, things are getting more pessimistic by the day!

Anonymous said...

Everything that has a beginning will have an end. Even the once mighty Rome empire entered a period of decline and then perished. What more an insignificant island like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Is this what is meant by "a dose of bad government?" I never expect it so soon!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Government should never be allowed to be in areas best served by private enterprise — including "protecting" certain "favoured" private enterprises.

redbean, are you saying you're agreeing with me that S'pore is on the way to ultimate social and economic collapse?

redbean said...

i have a special thread in redbeanforum devoted to signs of decline. what can that supposed to mean?

the golden years are over. we are probably enjoying the last gasp. after that we might see a repeat of pre 1997 phenomenon when everyonein HK grabbed whatever they could and migrated.

Anonymous said...

I agree the golden years are over.

I thought so when they started doing the casino and now the FI thing. These are things they considered and discarded during the boom years. So why the turnaround? Desperate situations require desperate solutions, obviously. Notice that our neighbours already had these two projects running for years, and we obviously have thought of it earlier but did not deem it necessary to go ahead because other sectors were booming then.

redbean said...

when every successful person wants to become a karaoke singer or movie star.

in the US and the philippines it is the other way round. the singers and movie stars want to become politicians.