Sunday best for frivolous pursuits

What shall we talk about on Sunday? I read about ladies being insulted because they were more than 36 years old. And the reason, they were not seen as useful to attract men to frolic or spend money in drinks on them. And socialites all dressed up to their nines for a night out ended being humiliated in public. Please don't come even if you put on several thousand bucks of hardware on their expensively treated skins. They are not going to waste a couple of free drinks on them. No deserving, past their prime. I am sure the ladies did not go to public entertainment places to be insulted. Then the beautiful below 36s. Would they feel elated that their youth is good enough to be given free drinks? Or would they be equally insulted that the free drinks were given to them as cheap rewards to attract customers to the joints. Were they exploited? Would they not feel cheated? Just for a few free drinks, they are paraded as commercial adverts and they have no inkling about it? All for a few free handouts?


Anonymous said...

Our SG girls are very demanding, masculine and agressive ... angmoh likes..

Malaysian, China and Vietnam girls more sweet and feminine .. dream lovers

redbean said...

let's love all of them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What? At 36 the bitches are peaking sexually! What are these Power station folks thinking?!?

Didn't they watch Sharone Stone in Basic Instinct?

Oh never mind, send the "old birds" to me :)

redbean said...

the joints are probably run by kindergarten kids.