The solutions oozing out for the aged

The solutions oozing out for the aged Boon Heng has come up with his first gem after his 6 days tour of Japan. Don't withdraw too early to extend the fun or fund. 3 more years before the minimum sum can be withdrawn. And this comes with many benefits. Senior workers will now have the opportunity to work till 65 or 70, and protected by legislation. Their savings will grow, and earn another 3 more years of interest. And they will not squander away their money too early. In a nutshell, their future is safe and sound. I am wondering, why, if they could work so many years more, which means they will have more income than outcome, at least until 65 or 70, depending on when they stop working, these years should be net surpluses. Why should the minimum then be increased further when their non economic lifespan is now shorter? Should the need for the minimum sum be lessen instead of increasing? Or they need to live on gold during their golden years? I know that they burn gold papers.


Lost4ever said...

The cost of living when the population reaches 6.5 million will ensure that u need to raise the minimum sum and work till u die, and the minimum sum will be used to cover the golden paper cost, wake cost etc.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they were talking years back about more good years. So, 3 more good years of waiting for mainimun sum payout. Which means they will then raise the official retirement age by 3 more good years for the golden boys and girls.

redbean said...

more good years is true. depends on who you are.