Press must not forget freedom and democracy

Anwar is of the view that though socio and economic developments are important, an equally important aspect is the promotion of freedom and democracy. What is the point of having social and economic growth when freedom and democracy are stifled or strangled? Does the press think that social and economic growth are good enough and they can rest on their laurel as long as the people are fed and clothed? When the people are hungry, such needs are important. But after these are looked after, shouldn't the press move forward to a higher goal? Andrew Taussig, a trustee at the UK's International Institute of Communications, commented that 'It would be rashed to assume that there is a co relation between the two (press freedom and economic development).' The Singapore Media thinks that they are contributors of the economic development of Singapore by following the rules of the law of the country.


Anonymous said...

Anwar is a failed politician, no one takes his words seriously. Andrew has been proven wrong. Singapore has had decades of economic development with very limited press freedom.

redbean said...

if we are to progress as a living human bean, once our stomach is full, we should develop in other areas, aestatic, culture, freedom of expression, art etc.

the animals in the zoo are very well fed and kept by the zoo keepers. probably very happy too.

i hope singaporeans should not aspire to be ah meng.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of freedom of expression, if it leads to your stomach becoming empty again ?

redbean said...

aiyah, i also agree with you what.

i am saying that once stomach is full, should go for something else. it is like all the new millionaires. once stomach full, they want to go to theatres, admire arts and go for fine dining.

and they spent millions on a piece clay or a little piece of canvas with some colourful oils on it.

for the same millions they could buy acres of land or landed properties.

Anonymous said...

After indulging in all the good stuff, they spend tens of thousands of $ on slimming, toxic cleaning, this reduction, that enhancement.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck the press (and the rest of the mainstream) and all the sell-out mothefuckers who work for the mainstream media.

redbean are you fucking sleeping or are you a ball licker of the mainstream media? Please clarify your EXACT position.

The corporate media has NEVER BEEN about "freedom" or "democracy". It has ALWAYS been about making as MUCH PROFIT in a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE game—"who can fuck with the minds of the public better so that the unsuspecting public spend money they don't have on goods they don't need and therefore finance the huge corporate advertising budgets which finance the media in the first place".

Press for freedom and democracy? Please lah... just tell us who's side you are really on: your bosses at the paper you work for, or the people in your God-forsaken cuntry?

Come on redbean, fess up! (if you dare)

redbean said...

sometimes i am sleeping, sometimes i am a ball licker. sometimes i dunno what i am.

see, i am so honest. i am chameleon!