blair unhappy with media

Blair is unhappy with the Media and his criticism is summarised in the 5 areas below. 1. Scandal or controversy beats ordinary reporting hands down. 2. Attacking motive is far more potent than attacking judgment. 3. The fear of missing out means today's media, more than ever before, hunts in a pack. 4. The new technique is commentary on the news being as, if not more important, than the news itself. 5. This, in turn, leads tothe confusion of news and commentary. And the Media's reply: 1. Responsibility for spin, cronyism, sofa government and the fatal misjudgment over Iraq lies with Mr Blair and his government. 2. We hope nothing will ever come of any attempts to place the press under any kind of statutory regulation. The British press is all the things Mr Blair says it is. But it must remain free to be both awful and, on its day, magnificent. Fortunately our media are free from Blair's accusation. Our media does not do anything that Blair accused the British media of.

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